Legs…..Not for the faint of heart

Killed my legs today. Squats were a total bitch cause my low back was gone from dead-lifts and power cleans earlier in the week, but still got a great movement in, just not as heavy as I would have liked.

That’s brings up the interesting topic of leg training. If I have to
see one more dude walking around the gym looking all “jacked” wearing a cutoff shirt or T back so proud of his arms….then you look at his tooth-pic legs and even smaller calves, I’m gonna straight call you dudes out! Not because I want you cluttering up my squat rack, but because if you only knew how much bigger you’d be by training legs, it would kill you to know all the years you waisted doing only arms and chest, and well sometimes some delts or back. I get it, to you it’s just about looking good, and know one really is ever going to see you legs right? But for me it’s a Bodybuilding thing. Not like a competition thing, but you know, I’m trying to build the best physique I can, and without drugs, this makes legs not important, but the single most important thing I can do.

Do you know how much testosterone you release by training legs? Or how bout the amount of fat shredded off by slaughtering you lower half? Your legs are the biggest muscle on you whole body, most unused testosterone is stored there, and being the biggest muscle you burn the most Calories/Fat.

I get it, you dont train your legs because no one sees them at the beach or the club, and they hurt like hell, and it takes a man to make it through some ridiculous squats, but if you only knew how much better your workouts would be with them, you would be pissed you never did them before. You want a bigger bench? You better first get a better Squat! You core lifts will always be stagnant if you are not performing a squat with great regularity. Yes, your going to feel sick, and your going to be sore, but you will unlock your physique in a way you never dreamed of. Stop buying bogus pro-hormones to get bigger and start killing your legs.

Man I remember the stupid programs me and my training partner Chris Handley used to come up with shock the hell out of our legs and make em grow. Like my favorite, “Squat till you Puke game” or the “Let’s just see how many sets of squats we can do in an hour?” HaHa and we still come up with the stupidest shit, and somehow convince each other how much fun it will be.

This morning consisted of a dew of my favorites. I started with a Plate Loaded Extension, and then decided to drop set all 8 plates three times. Now with a huge pump is were I like to do my squats. I did front squats today, as heavy as my back would allow 4 sets, then did a heavy leg press to finish off my quads. Did seated leg curl single, single, double and then did lying leg curls supper light to 20. Calfs consisted of heavy standing raise, and then did 10 calf raises on every stair that Golds had, probably like 400 or so….they were wrecked! Were my real Dudes at?



I was just thinking how truly amazing it was that Arnold was able to build the physique he did based on what they had way back when. His Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding was and is my Bible to date. Think of what they had to train with back then? Very few machines were even invented at that time, so you basically had all the OG stuff, or basically anything you could do with a Barbell or a Dumbbell. Their training methods are still to this day, in my opinion, is the only way to build a complete physique. Machines are ok, and good for a change, or for a specific movement once and a while, but if you are truly trying to build a physique, you gotta stay off the machines and get your hands dirty.

Thinks about the Supplements they had back then? Amino Acid Pills, a really terrible protein shake, and that was about it. We all know that if you are a Pro Bodybuilders, you use Steroids and HGH. That’s not a myth, simply a fact, so if you can get over that, then wrap your head around this. Back in Arnold’s heyday, really the only thing available to them was a very simple Testosterone 200. Now, there is stuff over the counter that is probably as strong or more so than any Steroid Arnold ever took. Back then, it was given to you by your Doctor in a controlled environment, and a controlled dosage. So, knowing that today’s BB’s not only use Steroids and HGH, they literally have a Chemist follow them around morphing new concoctions every day for them, It’s utterly mind blowing what he was able to do with his physique. It is the very reason that I started to train how I did, and still to this day, credit everything I know about Training and Diet to all the Bodybuilders from the 60’s and 70’s. Yes, Arnold did take Steroids, but nothing like you would think. He was about as natural of a Pro BB that there has ever been, and yet, he was able to build the single best physique in the history of the business.

My Current Routine

My current routine is what I do almost every winter, try and put on a few pounds to really push the weight. The end result is, by summer at my regular summer body fat %, hopefully I’m a few pounds heavier. This let’s me eat a few more calories in the winter, really load up on the protein, carbs, and good fat. This is my favorite time of year, more calories means more food, and more food means you can train crazy heavy! I’m doing a singular muscle group everyday, and involving at least 1 power movement if not 2 in every workout. Ton’s of Squats, Deadlifts, Pull-up’s, Power Cleans, Push Press, Fireman Carries, Dips, Bench, and Barbell Curls. Today is day 4 of my 5 on. I wanted to show you my Supplement Routine to go along with my program

My protein is like this
2 Solution 5 shakes in between meals
2 scoops ON Casein right before bed
3 scoops Cytowhey right after workout

Through out the rest of the day it’s like this
EFA’s twice a day with meals
Animal Pack
Gaspari’s Plasma Jet 1 Hour before workout
5 Scoops Xtend During my workout
4 Scoops Glutamine right after my workout with my shake
Normally, my Supplement Regimen always includes creatine both pre and post workout, but I am taking 6 weeks off of it for the first time in over a year. It sucks, and I can feel how much it helps you. Keep killing it dudes!


I’ll be posting my workouts on here every chance I get. I think it’s a great way we can all learn how each other is training, and what really works for us. Please share if you feel so inclined.

About me

My name is Trevor Robinson, i’ve been doing this stuff for my whole life. I remember being 13 years old in my friends basement, we were playing around on his Dad’s bench press. The feeling I got blew me away. No matter the weight, I was stronger than all the other dudes there. Little did I know that, that very bench press would shape the course of my whole life. I started going to my local high school every morning with the older football team. Everyday that summer I would go, and train my ass off. Had no idea what I was doing, but I was adicted, and in a bad way. I played football, but really never cared about playing or learning the plays, I just wanted to live in the weight room. Practice would suck, but I knew the weights were coming. My whole team around me was bitching about having to go in and do the weight training now, but I was so excited I could hardly wait. I came so natural to me, everything I did, I was stronger than everyone else, even dudes 3 years older than me. I loved the pain, and was totally willing to give myself to the weights, and feel that deep pain from truly going to failure.

I got my first gym membership when I was 16 at Lifestyles 2000 in Sugarhouse. That was the place back in the day! O.G. bodybuilders everywhere. I would train in awe of some of them, how the trained, the burn they got, how they put there programs together. I absorbed it all, and I knew that I loved it, more than anything else in my life. It was at 17 that I met a local dude by the name of D’marko Blewett. Dude was jacked! One of the classic old-school dudes that I worshiped back then. He had countless Bodybuilding titles, and old-school mentality that I couldn’t get enough of. He gave me a job in his pro-shop that he owned in the club. It was there that he turned me onto the Bodybuilding scene. he put me under his wings, taught me everyhthing he knew. I was blessed with amazing genetics and a true talent in the BB world. From there I studied and learned everything I could about Dieting, posing, training, and recovery. I went on to compete all over the place, and loved it. I really thouhgt at one point that I could do this for the rest of my life, the idea of being a Pro BB was all I could think about. I got to the point were a lot of people were looking at me, got a few sponseres for supplements and I was really rolling. I knew of Steroid’s, but was a little oblivious to them. I knew a lot of people did them, but never really thought about it myself. After a show, one of my sponsers came to me, and said that it was time to take it to the next level. I thought he meant I needed to train harder or somthing like that, and I couldn’t honeslty figure out how to train harder, but said “ok, i’ll try,” little did I know what he meant. They dropped me a week later, and when I asked for an explanation, he simply said, “Natural Guy’s never win shows.” It was a gut shot for me. I had put my whole life and soul into this, and that’s why I got dropped? I was pissed. I did a few more shows, and was getting beat by dudes that I knew were shooting up. I got so jaded, that I swore off BB and decided to never do it again.

This is what started my hared for steroids. I hated everything about them, what they stood for and the guys that used them. I decided to use it as motivation, and vowed to myself to out-train, out-work, and out-eat every single juice head around. I took to training brutally heavy, Squats, Deadlifts, Pull-ups, dips, and power lifting movements. I continued to build my physique, and blew everyone of them away. That’s my motivation everyday to this day.

I eventually bought the Pro-shop chain called Custom Fit Nutrition from D’marko, and turned it into the preimier Supplement company in the state. I sold them when Golds took over, and built a private gym. I teach my drug free style of brutal old school training to all my clients, and they all love it! I just started a new Supplement store in Sugarhouse, and also online at http://www.thesupplementsupply.com

This Blog is dedicated to all those people that are dedicated to training their asses off without taking shortcuts or drugs. Look for more to come.

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