About me

My name is Trevor Robinson, i’ve been doing this stuff for my whole life. I remember being 13 years old in my friends basement, we were playing around on his Dad’s bench press. The feeling I got blew me away. No matter the weight, I was stronger than all the other dudes there. Little did I know that, that very bench press would shape the course of my whole life. I started going to my local high school every morning with the older football team. Everyday that summer I would go, and train my ass off. Had no idea what I was doing, but I was adicted, and in a bad way. I played football, but really never cared about playing or learning the plays, I just wanted to live in the weight room. Practice would suck, but I knew the weights were coming. My whole team around me was bitching about having to go in and do the weight training now, but I was so excited I could hardly wait. I came so natural to me, everything I did, I was stronger than everyone else, even dudes 3 years older than me. I loved the pain, and was totally willing to give myself to the weights, and feel that deep pain from truly going to failure.

I got my first gym membership when I was 16 at Lifestyles 2000 in Sugarhouse. That was the place back in the day! O.G. bodybuilders everywhere. I would train in awe of some of them, how the trained, the burn they got, how they put there programs together. I absorbed it all, and I knew that I loved it, more than anything else in my life. It was at 17 that I met a local dude by the name of D’marko Blewett. Dude was jacked! One of the classic old-school dudes that I worshiped back then. He had countless Bodybuilding titles, and old-school mentality that I couldn’t get enough of. He gave me a job in his pro-shop that he owned in the club. It was there that he turned me onto the Bodybuilding scene. he put me under his wings, taught me everyhthing he knew. I was blessed with amazing genetics and a true talent in the BB world. From there I studied and learned everything I could about Dieting, posing, training, and recovery. I went on to compete all over the place, and loved it. I really thouhgt at one point that I could do this for the rest of my life, the idea of being a Pro BB was all I could think about. I got to the point were a lot of people were looking at me, got a few sponseres for supplements and I was really rolling. I knew of Steroid’s, but was a little oblivious to them. I knew a lot of people did them, but never really thought about it myself. After a show, one of my sponsers came to me, and said that it was time to take it to the next level. I thought he meant I needed to train harder or somthing like that, and I couldn’t honeslty figure out how to train harder, but said “ok, i’ll try,” little did I know what he meant. They dropped me a week later, and when I asked for an explanation, he simply said, “Natural Guy’s never win shows.” It was a gut shot for me. I had put my whole life and soul into this, and that’s why I got dropped? I was pissed. I did a few more shows, and was getting beat by dudes that I knew were shooting up. I got so jaded, that I swore off BB and decided to never do it again.

This is what started my hared for steroids. I hated everything about them, what they stood for and the guys that used them. I decided to use it as motivation, and vowed to myself to out-train, out-work, and out-eat every single juice head around. I took to training brutally heavy, Squats, Deadlifts, Pull-ups, dips, and power lifting movements. I continued to build my physique, and blew everyone of them away. That’s my motivation everyday to this day.

I eventually bought the Pro-shop chain called Custom Fit Nutrition from D’marko, and turned it into the preimier Supplement company in the state. I sold them when Golds took over, and built a private gym. I teach my drug free style of brutal old school training to all my clients, and they all love it! I just started a new Supplement store in Sugarhouse, and also online at http://www.thesupplementsupply.com

This Blog is dedicated to all those people that are dedicated to training their asses off without taking shortcuts or drugs. Look for more to come.


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