I was just thinking how truly amazing it was that Arnold was able to build the physique he did based on what they had way back when. His Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding was and is my Bible to date. Think of what they had to train with back then? Very few machines were even invented at that time, so you basically had all the OG stuff, or basically anything you could do with a Barbell or a Dumbbell. Their training methods are still to this day, in my opinion, is the only way to build a complete physique. Machines are ok, and good for a change, or for a specific movement once and a while, but if you are truly trying to build a physique, you gotta stay off the machines and get your hands dirty.

Thinks about the Supplements they had back then? Amino Acid Pills, a really terrible protein shake, and that was about it. We all know that if you are a Pro Bodybuilders, you use Steroids and HGH. That’s not a myth, simply a fact, so if you can get over that, then wrap your head around this. Back in Arnold’s heyday, really the only thing available to them was a very simple Testosterone 200. Now, there is stuff over the counter that is probably as strong or more so than any Steroid Arnold ever took. Back then, it was given to you by your Doctor in a controlled environment, and a controlled dosage. So, knowing that today’s BB’s not only use Steroids and HGH, they literally have a Chemist follow them around morphing new concoctions every day for them, It’s utterly mind blowing what he was able to do with his physique. It is the very reason that I started to train how I did, and still to this day, credit everything I know about Training and Diet to all the Bodybuilders from the 60’s and 70’s. Yes, Arnold did take Steroids, but nothing like you would think. He was about as natural of a Pro BB that there has ever been, and yet, he was able to build the single best physique in the history of the business.


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