My Current Routine

My current routine is what I do almost every winter, try and put on a few pounds to really push the weight. The end result is, by summer at my regular summer body fat %, hopefully I’m a few pounds heavier. This let’s me eat a few more calories in the winter, really load up on the protein, carbs, and good fat. This is my favorite time of year, more calories means more food, and more food means you can train crazy heavy! I’m doing a singular muscle group everyday, and involving at least 1 power movement if not 2 in every workout. Ton’s of Squats, Deadlifts, Pull-up’s, Power Cleans, Push Press, Fireman Carries, Dips, Bench, and Barbell Curls. Today is day 4 of my 5 on. I wanted to show you my Supplement Routine to go along with my program

My protein is like this
2 Solution 5 shakes in between meals
2 scoops ON Casein right before bed
3 scoops Cytowhey right after workout

Through out the rest of the day it’s like this
EFA’s twice a day with meals
Animal Pack
Gaspari’s Plasma Jet 1 Hour before workout
5 Scoops Xtend During my workout
4 Scoops Glutamine right after my workout with my shake
Normally, my Supplement Regimen always includes creatine both pre and post workout, but I am taking 6 weeks off of it for the first time in over a year. It sucks, and I can feel how much it helps you. Keep killing it dudes!


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