Legs…..Not for the faint of heart

Killed my legs today. Squats were a total bitch cause my low back was gone from dead-lifts and power cleans earlier in the week, but still got a great movement in, just not as heavy as I would have liked.

That’s brings up the interesting topic of leg training. If I have to
see one more dude walking around the gym looking all “jacked” wearing a cutoff shirt or T back so proud of his arms….then you look at his tooth-pic legs and even smaller calves, I’m gonna straight call you dudes out! Not because I want you cluttering up my squat rack, but because if you only knew how much bigger you’d be by training legs, it would kill you to know all the years you waisted doing only arms and chest, and well sometimes some delts or back. I get it, to you it’s just about looking good, and know one really is ever going to see you legs right? But for me it’s a Bodybuilding thing. Not like a competition thing, but you know, I’m trying to build the best physique I can, and without drugs, this makes legs not important, but the single most important thing I can do.

Do you know how much testosterone you release by training legs? Or how bout the amount of fat shredded off by slaughtering you lower half? Your legs are the biggest muscle on you whole body, most unused testosterone is stored there, and being the biggest muscle you burn the most Calories/Fat.

I get it, you dont train your legs because no one sees them at the beach or the club, and they hurt like hell, and it takes a man to make it through some ridiculous squats, but if you only knew how much better your workouts would be with them, you would be pissed you never did them before. You want a bigger bench? You better first get a better Squat! You core lifts will always be stagnant if you are not performing a squat with great regularity. Yes, your going to feel sick, and your going to be sore, but you will unlock your physique in a way you never dreamed of. Stop buying bogus pro-hormones to get bigger and start killing your legs.

Man I remember the stupid programs me and my training partner Chris Handley used to come up with shock the hell out of our legs and make em grow. Like my favorite, “Squat till you Puke game” or the “Let’s just see how many sets of squats we can do in an hour?” HaHa and we still come up with the stupidest shit, and somehow convince each other how much fun it will be.

This morning consisted of a dew of my favorites. I started with a Plate Loaded Extension, and then decided to drop set all 8 plates three times. Now with a huge pump is were I like to do my squats. I did front squats today, as heavy as my back would allow 4 sets, then did a heavy leg press to finish off my quads. Did seated leg curl single, single, double and then did lying leg curls supper light to 20. Calfs consisted of heavy standing raise, and then did 10 calf raises on every stair that Golds had, probably like 400 or so….they were wrecked! Were my real Dudes at?


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