My journey into the world of power

I have been competing in some form of weight training related competitions since I was 16.  I spent 14 years leaning and perfecting the art of Bodybuilding, and while it’s a sport that will never have a mountain top in which you can reach, I felt that I had reached the summit.  Being a natural bodybuilder, I become very jaded in the sport were everyone who is “natural” just means they have been off drugs for a few months, and with the ramped use and abuse of HGH, I was fighting a losing battle.   I was looking for a way out, and naturally I started powerlifting.  I had always patterned my workouts style around some of the greats of the Golden era, I studied to no end the styles of Franco, Sergio, Arnold, Ronnie, and so many of the greats that weren’t scared to get after a squat and dead lift for huge weights.  I always incorporated heavy heavy squats, deads, bench, power cleans, push press, and would often dabble in strongman stuff as well.  I would do this even 2 weeks out from a show, were most guys were scared to get hurt, I was addicted to the weights, heavy, heavy, and heavier. This made my conversion to powerlifting a natural one.  For the last 2 years I have slowly been making my transition from a Bodybuilder into a powerlifter, with  my first meet coming up in early 2012.

I recently hooked up via twitter with the best of the best in the world of power, and cant wait to see were this journey leads me.  It’s cray to go from a world I knew the in’s and out’s of, to a world were I’m struggling to understand all the concepts and principles that go with it.  One thing that I have going for me, is that I’ve always been able to outwork and out-train anyone that I ever came across.  This will serve me well as I venture into this new world that I plan on conquering as well.  Green as I feel, and shaky as my confidence feels at times when talking with these greats of this sport, I know very soon I’ll have my swagger in the sport, and weights to show for it.  My current weight is 192 and around 12% body fat coming off my summer diet were I was down to 184 and 6% body fat.  I’ll be at 205 hopefully by the end of the year and 215 by competition time I hope.  My current PR’s are

Bench-345. Bench is my nemesis.  Always has been, but that only makes me more motivated…..



Here’s to big weights and no drugs!