Nothing to fear

Can fear be the difference between winning or losing?  Is it a test to see who will cave?  Or is it simply your bodies way of telling you to lace up and go to fucking work!  Fear misinterpreted, can be deadly, but fear un-recognised and made something else is worse.

I remember my first bodybuilding show, I was scared out of mind…….Maybe it was being up there in next to nothing, maybe it was all my Friends and family out there watching, maybe it was my fear of letting people down or not living up to my own expectations?  That’s when it hit me what fear was……Fear is suddenly turned into Adrenalin, the very drug that makes you feel un-touchable.  It all hit me at that point, I had out trained, out dieted, and performed every single person on this stage and all I had to do was go out there and prove it.  I did, and I won.  So, fear then is only fear if you’ve not done everything you could do to win.  If you took days off, had more cheat days, brushed off your posing, that’s when fear sets in.  You have nothing to fear if your the best prepared person out there.  Fear then turns into your best Friend, excitement and energy, and a feeling like you could take on the world at any moment.

Going into my first full power meet, I’m experiencing some of the exact same feeling of nerves and fear.  Scared that I wont hit weights I know I can, or fear of being sick, or fear of being around monsters that are seasoned vets of the game.  But I do know one thing, just like before, I’ll be the best prepared, hardest working guy there… in the end, what do I really have to fear?  I just cant wait till i feel that rush of Adrenalin, and fear gets its ass kicked by it, and it shoots through my body, and then, all I have to do is prove it.

So, fear is a liar.  Fear tries to stop you from hitting your goals, try’s to tell you that you wont and cant do it.  That’s when you treat Fear like a squat, throw that bitch on your back and SQUAT!


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