ME Bench/Upper training….Bench nemesis

The Bench press is my true nemesis.  Always has been.  Don’t know why, but for my squat and dead totals, it’s always lacked way behind….and not for lack of effort either.  The last 12 months I’ve decided to concentrate 100% on technique, triceps, and ab strength, and I think they are finally paying off!  People often talk about how technical the Squat and Deadlift are, but for me the Bench is the most technical by far.  Everytime I get under the bar, I strive to perfect the techniques of the bench.  Some guys are naturally really gifted benchers, other’s like myself have had to bust ass for every pound.  Today was my first real day where I stood and said, WOW, I smashed that!  Not a lot of weight, but for me, to step back and perfect weaknesses has been paying dividends.  With a 600 squat and a 600+ dead….all I need is a 405 bench, and I’ll be in serious contention for the Raw Nationals at 198……..

Medium Grip Touch and Go Bench- 295×5 315×5 315×5

Rack Lockouts 3 in above chest- 315×5 325×5 335×5

Seated DB Military Press 3×15

Skull Crushers on the floor, resting BB on floor  after each rep 3×10

Lat Pulldowns 3×6


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