DE Training yesterday and today with Video

Yesterday was the worst workout I’ve had in months and months.  I was strong, felt good, but I’m having some major tendinitis issues in both my biceps and forearms.  I was a little nervous going into my floor press, so I switch it to a low pin press to take some pressure off my biceps after 3 sets they were destroyed and I shouldve listened to my head and not pushed it….I’m still paying for it today.  I hope this isn;t something that becomes chronic, and that this doesn’t effect my meet prep.  I’ve dealt with horrible Patella tendinitis, bursitis in my shoulders, and herniated my L4….i’ve never had anything this debilitating before….but like everything else, we just deal with and roll on…..Throw that Bitch on your back and SQUAT!!!

Today I hit some lower body to try and rest my arms……I had to be real careful not to make my arms blow up again……

Oly Squat buried in the hole 12×1 at 60%

6″ Deficint Dead 4×8 at 70%

Dead felt really good today last set was to 10 reps



  1. Really nice lifting brother. impressive.

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