Lower Training 5-1-12

Nothing is worse than having to get big lifts done in a big box gym like Golds….but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do……Shitty bars, shitty weights, shitty rack, and way to many people that want to talk to me…..People, I have my headpohones on, and when I touch the squat bar, if you talk to me at that point, I have every right to punch you in the fucking face.  It’s a rule, look it up.  You have to admit that seeing all the guys in golds with big chests and that curl, like “Totally 135 Brah” are enough to make me want to crush people with weights….I think the new rule should be that If you get crushed under a 225 squat…you shouldn’t be allowed to touch another piece of weight lifting equipment until you can.  That’s just my meathead rant for the day….

Squat and Dead felt really solid today….i was by my self with no spotter so I didn’t go above 80% but hit all sets to 5

Oly Style Squats 405×4 455×5 500×5 500×5 Deff had a few more in me…..that’s a 5 rep PR for me !!

Deadlift worked up to 405 then did 405×8 415×8 425×8 at 70%

Heavy abs and Obliques

Stick a fork in me….i’m toast


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