Lower Training 5-1-12

Nothing is worse than having to get big lifts done in a big box gym like Golds….but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do……Shitty bars, shitty weights, shitty rack, and way to many people that want to talk to me…..People, I have my headpohones on, and when I touch the squat bar, if you talk to me at that point, I have every right to punch you in the fucking face.  It’s a rule, look it up.  You have to admit that seeing all the guys in golds with big chests and that curl, like “Totally 135 Brah” are enough to make me want to crush people with weights….I think the new rule should be that If you get crushed under a 225 squat…you shouldn’t be allowed to touch another piece of weight lifting equipment until you can.  That’s just my meathead rant for the day….

Squat and Dead felt really solid today….i was by my self with no spotter so I didn’t go above 80% but hit all sets to 5

Oly Style Squats 405×4 455×5 500×5 500×5 Deff had a few more in me…..that’s a 5 rep PR for me !!

Deadlift worked up to 405 then did 405×8 415×8 425×8 at 70%

Heavy abs and Obliques

Stick a fork in me….i’m toast


Upper body Training 4-30-12

After a forced a week off to deal with some really bad tendonitis, I was nervous and totally jacked to get under a bar today.  Nervous because if my biceps exploded in pain again, it would be a HUGE setback, and a difficult one to deal with mentaly. totally Jacked cause if there was no pain, then for once I listened to my body and did the right thing.  So, i set up and went through my normal warm-up, and got under 225 and had no pain so I pushed it from there……I feel a lot better today.  I had a little bit of discomfort, but nothing at all like before.  There are times when we are all train hurt, I’d go so far to say there is not a single powerlifter out there that feel no pain or discomfort ever under a bar…..that being said, there is Pain, and then there is injury…..or as Dave Tate likes to say, there is Pain, Hurt, or Fucked up…..luckily i have felt them all, and no the difference. 

Touch and Go Bench Press 275x12x3

Standing BB Press 135×10 155×10 185×10

DB Bent Fly 3×20

Rope Pushdown 4×12

Meadows Rows 3×8


DE Training yesterday and today with Video

Yesterday was the worst workout I’ve had in months and months.  I was strong, felt good, but I’m having some major tendinitis issues in both my biceps and forearms.  I was a little nervous going into my floor press, so I switch it to a low pin press to take some pressure off my biceps after 3 sets they were destroyed and I shouldve listened to my head and not pushed it….I’m still paying for it today.  I hope this isn;t something that becomes chronic, and that this doesn’t effect my meet prep.  I’ve dealt with horrible Patella tendinitis, bursitis in my shoulders, and herniated my L4….i’ve never had anything this debilitating before….but like everything else, we just deal with and roll on…..Throw that Bitch on your back and SQUAT!!!

Today I hit some lower body to try and rest my arms……I had to be real careful not to make my arms blow up again……

Oly Squat buried in the hole 12×1 at 60%

6″ Deficint Dead 4×8 at 70%

Dead felt really good today last set was to 10 reps

ME Bench/Upper training….Bench nemesis

The Bench press is my true nemesis.  Always has been.  Don’t know why, but for my squat and dead totals, it’s always lacked way behind….and not for lack of effort either.  The last 12 months I’ve decided to concentrate 100% on technique, triceps, and ab strength, and I think they are finally paying off!  People often talk about how technical the Squat and Deadlift are, but for me the Bench is the most technical by far.  Everytime I get under the bar, I strive to perfect the techniques of the bench.  Some guys are naturally really gifted benchers, other’s like myself have had to bust ass for every pound.  Today was my first real day where I stood and said, WOW, I smashed that!  Not a lot of weight, but for me, to step back and perfect weaknesses has been paying dividends.  With a 600 squat and a 600+ dead….all I need is a 405 bench, and I’ll be in serious contention for the Raw Nationals at 198……..

Medium Grip Touch and Go Bench- 295×5 315×5 315×5

Rack Lockouts 3 in above chest- 315×5 325×5 335×5

Seated DB Military Press 3×15

Skull Crushers on the floor, resting BB on floor  after each rep 3×10

Lat Pulldowns 3×6

DE Lower training 4-17-12

Pulled someting in my Glute about 2 weeks ago, and it hurts bad.  Thought rolling and heat/ice would mkae it go away, but it’s just one more to add to the “it hurts” list.  We are some sick bastards us meatheads, aren’t we……I love it, I live it, Everyday.  Throw that bitch on your back and Squat!

Olympic style Squat burried in the hole- 275×15 315×15 315×15 (High reps SUCK!!)

Deads at about 70% 395×8 395×8 395×8

Ab Roller 4×10

Heavy Ab pulldowns 4×10


4-16 DE Upper/Bench Taining

After an awesome stregnth bump in my Squat/Dead last week I am stoked to see what this week has instore for me…….

Warm-up sets about 10 total

Pin Press from 2in above chest- worked up to 315×5 325×5 325×5

Overhead BB Press 135×10 155×10 165×10

DB Incline Press 85×8 90×8 95×8 100×8

Band pull aprats to x100 took 5 sets

Cable Pushdown 4×8

Finished with 30 Deadhang 1/2 sec paused Chins (took 4 sets)

Bench is coming, feeling a jump is on the way.


Todays ME Upper/Bench training

Being programed by a guy who I have a lot of respect for, Mike Keck.  You can follow his blog at http://www.michaellkeck.com/blog/ 

1 count pause Bench Press

4 warm up sets then 275×5 295×5 315×5

Bench Press of a 3 board

315×5 320×5 325×5

Lateral Raises 3×20 with 25lb DB

Double mini banded push downs x100

Overhand BB Rows

185×8 205×8 225×8

Bench felt really strong today, finally felt more explosive.  Techinque changes have really helped out a lot.