Upper body Training 4-30-12

After a forced a week off to deal with some really bad tendonitis, I was nervous and totally jacked to get under a bar today.  Nervous because if my biceps exploded in pain again, it would be a HUGE setback, and a difficult one to deal with mentaly. totally Jacked cause if there was no pain, then for once I listened to my body and did the right thing.  So, i set up and went through my normal warm-up, and got under 225 and had no pain so I pushed it from there……I feel a lot better today.  I had a little bit of discomfort, but nothing at all like before.  There are times when we are all train hurt, I’d go so far to say there is not a single powerlifter out there that feel no pain or discomfort ever under a bar…..that being said, there is Pain, and then there is injury…..or as Dave Tate likes to say, there is Pain, Hurt, or Fucked up…..luckily i have felt them all, and no the difference. 

Touch and Go Bench Press 275x12x3

Standing BB Press 135×10 155×10 185×10

DB Bent Fly 3×20

Rope Pushdown 4×12

Meadows Rows 3×8